* Disclaimer:      In order to avoid confusion, we confirm that we are not connected nor associated with Aga Rangemaster PLC nor any of their affiliates. We are a small family business started over twenty years ago and use the name Aga or aga only in order to indicate the kind, quality and origin of the goods.

Electric Conversions:

New 13 amp electric conversion for Aga cookers. Independently controlled ovens and Hot plates.

We can convert your 2 or 4 oven Aga cooker from solid fuel, oil or gas. We sell fully reconditioned Aga cookers converted to run on 13 amp electric.

Reasons to convert:

Electric Aga cooker conversion

Technical information

2 Oven Aga cooker:

One element sits between the 2 ovens that controls the oven temperatures. The temperature is controlled by a simple easy to use digital control. Simply set the desired temperature on the digital control and the top oven will heat up to desired setting. From cold to 200°C this takes approx 1 hour 45 minutes. The hot plates are independently controlled using their own thermostats and elements. Frying from cold takes approx 15 minutes.

4 Oven Aga cooker:

An extra element with its own control is added to heat up the left hand ovens.

Electric Aga cooker conversion

Electric supply:

2 x 13 amp fused switched spurs are required. Alternatively a split 30 amp supply can be used.

Oven temperatures:

These are approx temperatures after the top oven as heated up and been allowed to settle for approx 30 minutes.

Running costs:

Every household will use the Aga cooker differently so it is difficult to have an exact idea of running costs. Here is an example of usage:

Heating from cold: