The Aga Exchange

Installation, exchange and reconditioning for Aga Cookers

Aga Cookers:

2 Oven Standard (1941-1972)

This is your more vintage looking Aga cooker and is normally fitted with lids that are enamelled all over but can also come with chrome lids. These originally used solid fuel but can be converted to run on oil, gas and Electric.

2 Oven Standard (1941-1972) Aga cooker

4 Oven Standard (1941-1972)

As for the 2 Oven Standard, but with 4 ovens.

4 Oven Standard (1941-1972) Aga cooker

2 Oven Deluxe Pre-74 (1956-1974)

2 Oven models have a low shelf across the back of the hob behind the lids, which is big enough to stand a cup of tea. The towel rail sits on top of the brackets with the ends of the rail visible.

2 Oven Deluxe Pre-74 (1956-1974) Aga cooker

4 Oven Deluxe Pre-74 (1956-1974)

The four oven versions most often have a one-piece hob that spans the full width of the cooker and a full width towel rail, only available with Chrome lids

4 Oven Deluxe Pre-74 (1956-1974) Aga cooker

2 Oven Post-74 (1974-present)

2 Oven models have a small upstand across the back of the hob. This is about an inch high and 3/4 inch thick. The towel rail sits between the brackets with the ends of the rail hidden by the brackets.
Available with Chrome lids and sometimes enamelled domes.

2 Oven Post-74 (1974-present) Aga cooker

4 Oven Post-74 (1974-present)

The four oven versions either have a joining strip and 2 separate towel rail sections held by 4 brackets, or alternatively a joining strip integral to the module section and a single towel rail held by 3 brackets including a joining bracket in the centre.

4 Oven Post-74 (1974-present) Aga cooker

Electric Aga cookers:

Nearly all of our Aga cooker sales our electric. We use the Electrickit System in all of our Aga cookers. Please click here for more information.

They require no flue so they can be sited anywhere in your kitchen. We can vent the Aga cooker outside if required, in which case the Aga cooker would need to back on to an outside wall.

Electric Aga cookers require 2 x 13 Amp fused switched spur points to power them.

We can provide a site requirement sheet for you electrician prior to installation.

Gas Aga Cookers:

Gas Aga cookers require a flue and a gas feed. We can supply a gas Aga cooker complete with a new burner and build the Aga cooker in your kitchen. We do not do any flue work, pipe work or commission the Aga.

Oil Aga Cookers:

Oil Aga cookers require a flue and an oil feed. We can supply an oil Aga cooker and build the Aga cooker in your kitchen. We do not do any flue work, pipe work or commission the Aga.

The front plate and doors will be enamelled in your choice of colour from our range of colours.

The Top plate and lid rims enamelled in black. New side panels to match as closely as possible the colour of the front of the Aga cooker. The ovens are sandblasted prior to installation bringing them back to their original condition. All chrome parts are new, and we fit new seals and insulation.

The Aga cooker will look like a new Aga cooker.

Colour samples are available to order. Please enquire.

Lead time from an order is generally 6 – 8 weeks depending on time of year.

We supply and install all of our Aga cookers and they come with 2 years' guarantee unless otherwise stated.

We do have some Aga cookers ready enamelled in popular colours in our showroom. These can be available in a 2 – 3 weeks' timescale or sooner depending on time of year. Please see our current Stock.

Our range of colours for re-enamelling
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